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18 Movianable 1588

Cherry pointed out that tonight is the “Night of Blissful Intentions” for her faith. I noted Graham smile when she announced that she intened to aid us all in celebrating if necessary. He apporached me a little after we set up camp and inquired if I wanted company in my tent this evening. I thought that he’d never get around to it. I know he likes me and I do think of him as a close friend. Perhaps if I weren’t so weary of people right now…I might be able to bring myself to fell a little more affection for him. I just don’t know. Though that might be a mistake, Corax might not take too kindly to having someone else in what he considers his place in my life.

The time I was home I had to go through several more love letters and gifts that it wasn’t even funny. I used to blame them all on Rupert, but I know it isn’t him. He still admires me from afar. I am half tempted to turn Ianvar and Ianvarra loose to find thses ones who insist on plauging me.

I hope the group down South are doing alright. There is not telling what kind of disease that they have run into. Lickily they have more than one healer with them, with that and thier varied skill sets they should hopefully be able to avoid the worst of it.

Well this ink nees time to dry before Graham gets here. More later.


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