Temporal Basics

The world Revolves at a rate of 24 hours per day. with an orbit consistent enough to give it 360 days exactly per yaer.

While several calendars are maintained by each kingdom, the primary calender is allways mentioned.

In addition to the above standards the following is true.
  • Three moons orbit the planet
    • The first moon, the smallest of the three, is slightly green in hue and named Fernis.
      • Fernis has a lunar cycle of 14 days (as recorded from full moon to full moon)
      • Fernis is closest in orbit at time moving in front of the other two moons.
    • The second Moon, Akin to our Luna, is named Caltim
      • Caltim orbits just out side of fernis
      • Caltims orpit period is roughly 29 days
      • Caltims has never had a lunar eclips with Epimuse
    • Epimuse the final and farthes of the moons apears to be roughly between the sizes of Fernis and Caltim.
      • Epimuse has a red hue
      • Lunar period for Epimuse is 63 Days
  • The Rotation angle of the planet is akin to earths making the seasons roughly the same.
  • There are 4 other planets visible at certian times. no other information is known at this time.

Nuelm Time

Temporal Basics

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