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Captain Cherry Corporal Dal

Originaly formed as an organized adventuring company, S.o.F.A (Seakers of Forgotten Arcane), was founded by Sareth M’Kilas, Beldin Glanhak, and Mesinplas. Several people since were added to the roster. The major accomplishments of this group are still minor by comparison to some, but they lead them to a point to where the military recognized their abilities.

Shortly after the plans of the Imperium where Known; S.o.F.A was asked to join the Nuelm army as an irregular force, they were given high rank and the same benifits as the regular army, though their responsibilities were few. They are now operating in that capacity fufilling missions that ordinary troops have no ability to accomplish.

The base of this organization is hidden some where in the foot hills north of Snildon. Though this base far from meets the requirements of housing the number of troops asigned to there unit.

More to come on this as I organize my notes.


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