Snildon Civic District

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Council Hall: This rather large hall is the center piece to this district. The city business is conducted here. There are several entrances to the building, including ones for licensing and commissions; Registration; and other day to day logistics of city life.

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Bureaucratic Offices (corner of Commons’ Walk and Wizard Lane): Attached to the Council Hall is this tri-floor building set aside for the bureaucrats of the city. There is nothing much of interest in this building unless the Players are trying to get a land grant.

Main NPCs:

Bureaucratic Offices (Magistrate Hall Grounds): There are several offices set aside for use of public offices. So as not to disrupt other business most of the commonly used offices are set in one of two towers.

Memorial (Magistrate hall Grounds): Set in front of the Council Hall is this statue of the cities founder, Jin Gen Nimblenoggin. The Statue of the gnomish aristocrat was built to Olympic scales, the plaque beneath the monument reads:

“Here lies a man small of height, but a giant of stature. His accomplishments are long but include: The founding of Snildon; Rehabilitation of two criminals set in his care; and many, many adventures. Jin Gen Nimblenoggin is a true example of large things coming in small packages.”

Around the Statue are benches and walkways cut through beautiful shrubs extending 10’ from the center cause way.

Guard Post (corner of Council Loop and 1st Street): This small building is set aside for the roving patrols, inside a post is maintained by six guards at all times these guards are here in case a roving patrol needs back up. A magically maintained snack area is set up in all Guard posts.

Temples (either side of Gods Way): The temples in this area consist of two one dedicated to Palor and the other dedicated to St. Cuthbert. Across Gods Way is a larger building set aside to promote friendly relations to all represented religions in the city.

Lodging: Lodging in this district is High end, though the tavern and inn districts border this one.

Dining: There are a total of six (6) Dining areas in the Civic district. All of these are upscale dining and considered some of the clasiest places in the city. The four areas of lodging have runners to get food for their clients for a nominal fee.

Shopping: A mirriad of shopping establishments are based in the civic district, ranging from average to exotic. Most of these trades have little to do with adventurers, but they cater more to the populace than adventurers.

Services Only upscale services can be found here. Many of them usfull to all sorts of people.

Snildon Civic District

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