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This 4’9, rather breathtaking, elven maiden hails from the Southern City of Snildon. Born and Raised there, she has known no other city in her life. She has a few close friends, one of which she considers a sister in all but blood. Two she met while taking mother forbidden forays to the Academy of HIgher Learning with her grandfather. The others were on a random night when her and the other girls had decided to Slum it for the first time. Nothing like a ber fight to make you fast friends.

She didn’t see much of her parents growing up, but her mother had decreed that she would not step a foot near the Academy for Higher Learning. Her Grandfather did take her there from time to time, but still heeded his daughter-in-law’s wishes and never let her enroll in a calss there. Sareth never knew the why behind this…

Until just before leaving the Kingdom on her first adventure. Turns out that her mother was a former Imperium slave. But the true shocker to Sareth was that it was Ahkhana’s own father who had held the crop over her.

More recent events have led her to chop off her once waiste length hair to the nape of her neck. Not to mention put her in a captive status in the one of the last places she had ever wanted to be…The Grand Flock.


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