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Kingdom of Nuelm

The great kingdom of Nuelm formed by refugees escaping a tremendous calamity in there own world. The oldest kingdom on this world and perhaps the easiest to live in, it has had many centuries to formulate laws and rules that are just and fair making the kingdom liked by many races. Those that are born in this kingdom generally grow up in a racially varied culture; though humans tend to still out number the other races. Due to the events that brought them here arcane magic is venerated, and exists in every aspect of life. This is by far the most magically advanced society.

Climate: Temperate
Priamry Terain: Plains and Forests
Percipitation: Average
Temperature Range: 0 degrees to 76 degrees Fahrenheit

Goverment: Magistrates Council
  • Mainly arcane casters
  • Can be any one
  • Mostly just
  • Handles all goverment possisions
  • Elected to local and kingdom councils

Military: Voulenteer basis
The Nuelm military is comprised of mainly volunteers (those convicted of a crime may be sentenced to military service). This has not caused a lack of support on the contrary the military is healthy and strong. The main military is separated in to three distinctive groups. The infantry is any one that walks, the Cavalry is those that ride horses or other creatures, and the Magnus Corp is comprised of the spell casters. Within these groups are sub groups and more sub groups. When a person proves them selves capable they are allowed to start a special unit. These special units tend to work out side of the regular chain of command. The logistic support is handled in house with separate positions for all matters. Certainly there is room for any one and any skill within the military.

  • Gaurds: Every city houses guards for the day to day jobs of patrolling the streets and city response. There jobs are the typical jobs; looking for active crime, maintaining piece, and providing security for the city. Where The guards are not able to stop a crime and some investigative work is needed come the Inquisitors. These high level sleuths are responsible for finding the stealthiest criminals. Heads of crime waves, secret cults, and serial murders are the venue for the inquisitors.
  • Inquisitors: Special investigations as well as other special needs. Both aids and watches the military and Goverment, to insure their is no coruption.


Adding flavor to the game I’ve chnged around some things in the equipment, making some exotic weapons martial for this kingdom and martial weapons exotic. Simple weapons where left untouched.


  • Copper = Cantrip
  • Silver = Chant
  • Gold = Wish
  • Platinum = Ritual
  • Stocks = Not allowed
  • Credit = Yes, stores and guilds are allowed to draw there own lines of credit.
  • Lending = Yes, Specific shops are present that deal with pawning of items. Other lending through banks.

Religious Implied

Nuelm uses the standard Deities presented in the players handboock 3.5 with a few additions


  • Days/week: 10
  • Weeks/month: 3
  • months/year: 12
  • Days/year: 360
  • weeks/Year: 36


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