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The longhouse smells of unwashed bodies and it isn’t our hosts. For all the talk of being surpeior, those Imperium gentles sure do smell. I almost made the mistake of walking strait up to them. The second that I saw the Kinght and Priest I conducted an about face in mid-step and bee lined back to the rest of the group. The exicution of the move would have impressed Drezil. Mai is the only one that would even be able to approach them…even remotely, but apparently they were not too keen on trying to make freinds…as if.

I do have to say that it is quite nice that we have a place out of the elements to sleep. Graham is much warmer at night now.

We reached the capitol today. It was a long, cold trip, but our first view of the Ice Fortess were impessive. You could barely pick it out on the horizon due it it blending with the night sky. We were shown to a boarding house. After the proprietor found out who we were, we were told that we would recieve better lodging in the morning. Not that we were going to be able to tell when that was to arrive.

We went to see the elders first thing. Mesinplas asked if we were going to be allowed to negotiate with the Isles on their behalf. The elders agreed to this. He also volunteered to be tested by thier gods. It is supposed to be a test of the soul. I wonder how it will turn out.

After the meeting I took Mai with me to take care of our third order of business. I can’t help but think that I should have held off until closer to the time that we leave, but I just had to confirm my suspicions. Needless to say he was a bit taken aback to see me there to retrieve him. He actually asked if they sent me. More or less, is what I told him. Needn’t let him know that I personally voulenteered for the job. I’d never trust the safety of my only living Shevar to another…except maybe Beldin.

Truth be told I wanted to run and hug him when I saw him. Even though he very much looked the part of an Auten. That last, brief dream I had of him had eased my mind very little. The last thing that I had wanted was to thrust him into a life on the run. Anyway, I was a little shocked and amused at his appearance as well. He had gone from impeccabley groomed to just this side of barbarian. It was almost humerous. My only concern is that the more astute will still see our resemblance. It isn’t as if it’s and easy thing to hide.


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