Every kingdom needs a military, even the ones that are high magic.

  • Line: 8 soldiers plus 1 team leader and 1 line leader total of ten (10)
  • Band: 2 archery lines 2 infantry lines pluss 1 band leader and 1 band sergeant. total of forty-two (42)
  • Pendant: 4 bands plus 1 pendant comander and one pendant sergeant Total of one-hundred seventy (170)
  • Cort: 6 pendants one belonging to comand and one belonging to artilery. Total of one-thousand twenty (1020)
  • Regiment: 2 courts pluss 1 regimental pendant. Total of two-thousand, two-hundred, ten (2210)
  • Structured like the infantry with the following exceptions
    • A line equals half the number each soldier functioning as mounted archery and cavalry.
    • A court is with out the artilery pendant leaving it with only 5.

Irregular forces are also permitable although few, they are the adventurers of the military allowing for the millitant backing but with out having to interact to directly.

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