I was approached by members of the Stildon Guard to arbitrate a problem concerning the unexpected pregnancy of a member of the guard and the rake responsible.

Matter was resolved. Letters were sent to the Command of Stildon Guards, pointing out the need to improve “hygene” instruction, including the available resources for free profolatic scrolls and spells available at local temples. Sgt’s should also provide assess to said scrolls and other “hygene” materials. A healthy guard is an effective guard.

SoFA so Good

New entry

We’ve taken on the mission to find the missing orphans, as well as finding a missing child of a farm resident.

For this mission we were joined by Cherry, cleric of The Lover and Graham for Parks and Recreation. And some hired men.

We discovered that Kobolds were involved in the caravan attack and tracked them to a Cave deep in the Northern Wilds. Using a plan of my devising we were able to breach the kobold’s defenses with only minor injury except for Sarith who was stabbed viciously with a pike. I suspect that there is some type of magical bond between Sarith and Beldin.

By the end we had discovered the children, hired the Kobold to work the farm, and what Cherry insists on calling an “Ugly Puppy”. All were return safe and sound. SofA has decide to claim and secure the cave system for a base, and for further investigation.

New entry

We explored deeper into the cave system, but found it hard going. We’ll try again when we are better armed and provisioned.

Sarith (and to a lesser extent Beldin) are having strange nightmares. It is really quite beyond me, so I called in a Wizard who specializes in dream magics.

New entry

The source of these dream/sleep related problems turns out to be a magical/cursed riding crop. An Imperium riding crop. We have been banished from Nuehm until we discover the secret to breaking the hold the crop has on Beldin. To do this we’ll have to enter the Imperium and access their most closely guarded military secrets. Since I will be enslaved if discovered as an Arcane spellcaster, I’ll have to take on a new identity. This and all my notes and journals will be given to a librarian friend for safe keeping.

Journal ends – no new journal’s or journal entries for several years.

New Journal

It is good to be back home. Our mission was not only a success but yielded unexpected victories. The Army has offered us a commission to for a special military unit doing what we’ve demonstrated as doing best. We have alot to discuss before taking it though. I’ve been hearing tales concerning our return, some are quite outragous… like we took on the whole Imperium single handed! Granted the truth is about as outragous but really… “I arm wrestled the High Preitor, for the secret of the crop and beat him by turning my own arm to stone?” Egad. I was surpised to find a church to the goddess Annoia already underway here. Word of the Prophet Pratchett, his book, and his Goddess are spreading quickly. It’s a bit like the man who dropped a pebble over a snowy slope only to see it become an avalanche of unexpected power. Even Mai Khai who traveled with us has become a worshiper… a cleric in her own right. My friends and coworkers are happy to see me back. I’ll have to spend quite some time just catching up.


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