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The Human wizard known as Mesinplas, an enigma to most, and a scholar of sorts. He joined the Group seeking out the remains of a druid. Now he has become a lead factor in planning most of their excursions.

His name is actually Mesinplas Utilivar, being the son of Boris Utilivar, a handyman that works at Snildon University, and Agnes Pew Utilivar, a laundress at the same institute. They named him Mesinplas because they had heard it while moving about the institute (most likely the kitchens) and thought it was a wonderful name. It is actually a cooking term meaning literally “everything in place” but refers to all the ingredients of a receipe washed/prepped/cut ready for cooking. “Utilivar” also translates to Useful Man or Handyman. Of such things are childhood teasing made. In his adulthood, he became known as “Mesinplas” in the same way Leonardo de Vinci was known as “Leonardo” or Michelangelo Bonerroti – “Michelangelo” and for similar reasons.

Mesinplas grew up on and in the University. He was a bright lad but did not speak until late in his childhood and when he did, his parents feared he was posessed, as he wasn’t speaking Nuelm Common. It was discovered that he was speaking one of the ancient languages taught in the advanced classes. The Wizards did a battery of tests to determine what was going on. It was unheard of. None of the tests came back with anything expected. He is NOT possesed, a reborn Archmagus, of a long linage of magic. They attempted to find out more by accessing his truename… he doesn’t have one. They tried auger his destiny… he doesn’t have a pre-ordained destiny. He is apparently a newly minted soul on his first trip around the great wheel. His truename and destiny are his to forge. Like I said, it was unheard of.

He grew up on campus. He received the equivalent of a scholarship. And before people knew it he was teaching magic to the gifted students.

He was not only a brillant wizard but a facilitator. People on and off campus would bring him problems. Sometimes he’d solve them but more often he’d direct them to the people that could. Sometimes he’d just bring the right people together.

He appearance in our story began with just such a consultation…

(Mesinplas is a character of a player in this forum; More can be found in the journals)


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