Mai Khai is a human with mental powers, a Phychic Sword woman.  She is young and not very pretty, very average in her looks. She is the second youngest of 5 surviving children of her parents, Kieran Khai a saddlemaker and Fiona Douglas Khai a seamstress. Mom gave birth to 8 kids, only 5 survived to adulthood.

The eldest is her brother Everett Khai who is 6 years older than Mai and with whom she does not get along. He is married and has three kids. His first wife died in childbirth and the second wife is Tammy Alson Khai, same age as Mai. She has two kids and cares for the oldest from his first wife. She is stuck up, status seeking, and cold. Everett is a leatherworker and is working in the family business with their father who is leaving more and more of the work to him.

Sister Lina Khai Baker is 5 years older than Mai. She died in childbirth, and her daughter is being raised by (daddy) James Baker, a baker by trade (go fig.)and a good natured rotund man. The girl was named Lina after her mother. James is courting a young woman by the name of Allison, daughter of another baker. Allison is a good natured rotund girl who is flattered by his attentions.

Brother Donovan Khai is one year older than Mai and was trained as a Phychic Warrior along with Mai by Charles Malarn. He hates Leatherworking but had been taught it by their father, even though he thinks it’s boring. He set out to seek his fortune when he turned 18. He is now in the military and training troops at Southold. According to Everett, he and Mai love each other too much and are too close.

Sister Jenna Khai is three years younger than Mai. She married Michael Dalrymple at the age of 18, so far they have no children. Jen is a very pretty girl and is a seamstress like Mom. She is very feminine and graceful, gentle and meek. Michael is a city guard. Jen thinks he’s quite dashing but Mai thinks he’s homely. Michael took a bad fall from a wall but is recovering and on a subsidized pay, making his chances of promotion stressed. Mai gave Jenna 100 gold to use to be sure he has good food every day.

Charles Malarn is the one who taught Mai and Don all he knew of being a phychic warrior. He crafts psioinic tattoos. He is in love with Mai and would marry her if she gave the slightest indication that she loved him. She does love him but her fear of childbirth is keeping her from showing her feelings at all.

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