The Magistrates are the ruling body of the nuelm goverment. While most are arcane casters there are several that come from all walks of life. Indeed after attending the Magistrates college a potential magistrate usualy spends years at secritarial duties, even if they are an arcane caster.

This is not intended to be used to make Magistrate players

Any one that can give the time and the money to attend the magistrates college may become a magistrate. this is usualy handled by direct payment (from the person attending to the college itself), or through a benifactor. While at college you get a brief climpse of the laws that govern Nuelm, with a heavy emphasis on ethics and proceadure. The school itself requires as much training as becoming a wizard for backgrounds starting characters may add the starting age modifier for wizards to their exsisting starting age, after determining regularly for that class. This is not somthing taken lightly.



the role of the magistrate starts out small. A new graduate is asigned a secritarial possition in one of the departments, where they cut their teeth on the specifics of that part of the goverment. They may request for a transfer at any point. Decision making is made by elected officials. A magistrate may petition for a possition in their home town initialy that town elects who they want simple majority. Elections for towns are handled on an independant basis. District elections are held every 6 years. A magistrate may place their name on the ballot only after serving at least a full year on their home forum. A district has one magistrate for every setlement sitting on its forum. Doing well in these forums can lead to being placed on the Magistrates council.

Far from just making laws the council is also the judges at a court hearing. They are the ones to reveiw the evidence and pass verdict on the accused. An accused person may request a Barrister. (a magistrate specificaly assigned to run court hearings)

Magistrates council

Comprised of 1 member per district, plus 1 member from the Military, Inquisitors, Parks and Recreation, and a member from each of the difrent functions of the goverment. Out of this group a member is elected to be the speaker, a position that holds no extra power but is only made to facilitate the mettings of the council. Council possitions are held for an indetermenant time. Basicaly when some one dies or gets tiered of the politics.


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