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As if my worries over getting Shevar to safety weren’t enough, I have to try to dodge them myself. It is actually shocking that when Gregory and myself went to the Imperium embassy that I wasn’t arrested on sight. It wasn’t as if they didn’t have a damn good lkeness of me up, maybe my disguise was good enough, maybe not…knowing the way my luck runs it wasn’t as good as I thought. But then I was allowed to leave so…I need to stop thinking about it because I’ll just get caught in my circle of logic.

I’ve wanted to talk to Shevar, but then again I am somewhat wary. I don’t think he is up for just gossiping about Ianvarra and such. I should approach him at some point though. I really need to find out his opinion on how he wants to handle getting bsck. I believe that we need him to get there as fast as possible. With circumstances the way they are, I will not feel safe until he is where I know the enemies as opposed to not really knowing who I can trust.

I have been decidedly distracted due to the circumstances surrounding things. I do know one thing. M seems to think that he is the only one with any solid planning skills. but from initially listening to his ideas, he sounds crazy. Pirating…come on we need to keep a diginified profile here. Not to mention, who are we going to pin it on. Nuelm can’t afford to have the Ilses mad at them. The Imperuim, though probable, is a serious stretch just due to distance, but plausible due to the lack of tolerance for other beliefs.

I have to think of a way around this no magical use. I understand the reasoning behind it, but with a little more thought put into it we sould be ale to pull off a teleport. I’ll check with the elders and see if they know of anyone in their kingdom that can do it.


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