“Look Im telling you, if you use magic judiciously with good old detective skills you can solve most anything.”

“What, Fireball the scene and see what color the flame is; Hardef, even you arn’t that crazy are you?”
                                                            Conversation befor the Inquisitors where formed.

                It was enough for a time, that the city gards could infact find out who robed you by asking the local suspects. Then after settling this world for some 200 years, sorcerers and other spell castes plied their trade to get maximum profit for the least work. Thats when a young mage living in a corupt city wrought with crime and underhanded dealings, thought of using his talents to aid the City gaurds. From him Sprang the Inquisitors.

                More than just Detectives with magic, this organization has grown to encompass a wide range of fields, including internal security matters. Whatching the govermant and the military for coruption.

                Becoming an inquisitor is very dificult. One dosent apply they are chossen to be tested. If passing the tests then one begins to learn the job of the inquisitor. Mostly consisting of a mentorship style training.


In To The Dark Gully