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The Radiant Empire

Woe be it he who uses the power of the dark; for the Morning is coming and with it the light to give clarity to the evil of that man. The Empire in all of its glorry is one that is rife with double standards and coruption. Controlled by the church and ran by the Emperor many of the nobility and upperclass are powerful members of the church itself. The dynamic perspectives that hold this country together are lost on but a few.

Climate: Temperate – Sub-artic
Priamry Terain: Plains and Scrubland
Percipitation: Low
Temperature Range: -20 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit

Goverment: Theocratic-Monarchy
  • Monarch names succesor, but has to have church’s aproval
  • Monarch is subject to church law
  • Monarch Governs endevors of Empire
  • Church is above the law

Military: 2 year manditory service for males only, forced reenlistment by goverments discretion.
The Legions of the Empire are founded on centuries of tradition. Though not as old as Nuelm they have grown to be a rival to be feared. Using devistating tactics designed to thwart magical combat, and shread physical defenses. It is a very bad day to be a Nuelm caster when one of these units comes to town.

  • Legions: The standard law is inforced by the Legions of the Empire. From every day mundane things like robbery and assult to other crimes like espinage and Forbidden Knowledge.
  • Priests: The Priests of the Empire look for Blasphimous actions through out the Empire, able to try anyone anywhere for their crimes. These acts include: Arcane casting, Knowledge of arcane or other undesirable magics, subversion, and generally speaking ill of the Empire. Their are no limits to what a priest may find to be blasphimous, and everyone is subject to church law.


Adding flavor to the game I’ve changed around some things in the equipment, making some exotic weapons martial for this kingdom and martial weapons exotic. Simple weapons where left untouched.


  • Copper = Bit
  • Silver = Shilling
  • Gold = Dollar
  • Platinum = Mark
  • Stocks = Not allowed
  • Credit = Church or emporer only.
  • Lending = Only through the church.

Religious Implied

The Imperium follows a dualistic religion focussing on the aspects of the light and dark. Both literally and figuratively, these aspects are considered good and evil in respective. They also believe that all arcane magic comes from dealings with the dark entity.


  • Days/week: 6
  • Weeks/month: 6
  • months/year: 10
  • Days/year: 360
  • weeks/Year: 60


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