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It has been a bitter homecoming indeed. Mother and Father have gone to ground it seems and the Magisters have taken control of the college. Looks like my responseabilities there are on permanant hiatus. Not to mention that hiding this pregnancy from everyone is proven to be difficult. Not that I really can hide it from Beldin, but I know that I can trust him to be discreet.

The only plus is that I have been able to send letters to Shevar. His responses are short and there is very little information that I can gleen from them. I do know though that he has recieved my hidden message. I can probably trust that the magisters have been reading his mail too, which means at least one or two have figured out what I was coding to him. I can only pray that Odi has seen fit to divert thier attentions from it.

I am going to start looking for a replacement for me in the group. I will not be able to draw from those within the school, as they can no longer be trusted to not be in the Magister’s pockets. But rest assured I will find someone that can keep Beldin’s ass out of trouble. I cannot guarentee that I will find a suitable replacement before we start cleaning house again but soon after that. Hopefully. I will not let this child be left to strngers to be raised. Besides that I have a suspicion that there is something rotten at home and I want to see it fixed.


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