Well we headed out of Nuelm today all is well at the moment spirits seem high

Wonder how long it will be for this trek. IT seems like the Gods are trying to make out trek in the woods a bit of a test of will at least a couple of inches of snow already on the ground and it seems like very other day we are getting like another inch or two at this rate we will never get the wagon through.

Seems like we have encountered our really first task. A group of Gorgon are grazing and attack on sight when I venture to investigate. I was able to stave off their attack with a few broken ribs and Sareth none to worse for wear was fine making my heart beat a little slower. Thought I might have lost her, but my fears were unwarrented.

The Night of Blissful intentions has arrived. I feel it is my duty to help Sareth celebrate this blessed event. I haven’t been this alone with her since that night in the Coropration city trying to help her morale. It is good to have her in my arms again.

Well the spirits are geting lower and lower as we do nothing but tredge through the snow. Thank goodness we’ve trained for this and our magic to help us with the cold. If not I wonder how many we would have lost by now, but these troops are loyal and so far no major incidents have arisen.

Well we took a major hit today we lost a third of our horses to the elements meaning the horses now are going to be doing double duty and our movement will be hindered even more if we have our troops moving on foot through this frozen wasteland of snow. Not sure how the party will take it but we can have fresh meat for a while due to this extending our supplies even more if we eat the dead horses.

Finally we reach a safe haven, so we can rest at a warm fire and have a good meal which is in order. Hopefully this will help our spirits at least it will uplift mine since Sareth and I can now be a bit more comfortable sharing a bed rather than sharing a beroll to keep warm. And we do keep each other warm. Well guess I will go carousing since we are being put 6 to 10 to a room. Well there is a raffle being held to see who will be the ones to get to bed down with Cherry. Damn we raised 300 wishes for this raffle that averges out to 5 wishes per person, DAMN!!!!


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