Frozen wastes

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It is unknown when exactly this area was setled, but setled it is. Keeping to there selves, and sparing few words makes these people tenious at best when dealing with other peoples. There frank manner and seeming sidregard for cultural etiquet throws amnny off and makes others fear for their lives. This is all a response to living in a hard cold climate, where every breath of warmth is precious and useless talking gets people killed. This is not to say that the Autens, as the are want to be called, posess no since of humor or feelings of companionship. They simply do not needlessly perform actions for the sake of performing them.

Climate: Sub-Artic and Artic
Priamry Terain: Tundra and Glacial Shelfs
Percipitation: Seasonal
Temperature Range: -80 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Goverment: Elders Enclave
  • Composed of 2 members from each clan
  • The oldest male and oldest female
  • Speak the words of their clan but make decisions based on the best for all Autens
  • They Do not rule Clans
  • Are apointed by Census

Military: Conscripts
All Autens fight in some form or fashion. Those that do not fight are considered to be lesser or weak. Weak people are asked to provide for the defense in other ways tending children, cooking, and various other things the military needs. The people of Autenburg have no want to concure or invade so have never formed an idea of how their military might do this.

  • Every one polices every one else. Any charges are brought befor the chief to decide. This works due to the enviroment they live, for no one can survive in the Frozen Wastes, if their wasting energy doing the wrong thing or making false accusations.


Adding flavor to the game I’ve chnged around some things in the equipment, making some exotic weapons martial for this kingdom and martial weapons exotic. Simple weapons where left untouched.


  • Based on barter the varing clans keep small amounts of curency for trading outside of the Kingdom
  • Stocks = Not allowed
  • Credit = Yes, Individuals govern their own credit.
  • Lending = Yes, Individuals may lend items to others.

Religious Implied

Autenburg use the Viking gods and religious beliefs.


  • Days/week: 10
  • Weeks/month: 3
  • months/year: 12
  • Days/year: 360
  • weeks/Year: 36

Frozen wastes

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