Enlightened City States

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Enlightend City States

Long ago, shortly after the blood war had ravaged the world, a lone veteran wondered away to start a place of quiet meditation. With him he took the various students that had gathered to learn the monastic secrets given to him by the pure elves. Soon others like him, came searching for a quite place to live. Seven in total each with their own style and beliefs. After a while farmers and other settlers began showing up, looking to the wisdom of these monastaries, but unwilling to conform to the monastic life they lead, these communities grew and became their own kingdoms. At some point the rulers of each of these minor kingdoms came together to discuss the common good. This tradition has lasted to this day the independant Shogunates sending representatives to discuss what will become of the lands in the world theater.

Climate: Temperate
Primary Terrain: Plateaus and Valleys
Precipitation: Above Average
Temperature Range: -10 degrees to 86 degrees Fahrenheit

Goverment: Dragon Council
  • Formed by representatives of the Shoguns
  • Highest position besides Shogun
  • Loyal
  • Mediates for the Shogun on matters affecting all of the Shogunates
  • Appointed by the Shogun

Military: 2 Year mandatory, voluntary extentions except Samurai
The military within the Shogunates differ slightly but generally follow the same guides. Samurai and other landed nobility keep their own troops, leading them in battle. They all answer to the Shogun, and are expected to be loyal. Failure to aid or disloyalty are punished harshly. The average soldier is enlisted at the age of adulthood, with the exception of Monks who are excempt from mandatory service. After the two years mandatory service, an individual may extend their service voluntarily.

  • All of the laws are enforced by the millitary might of the individual lands


Adding flavor to the game I’ve changed around some things in the equipment, making some exotic weapons martial for this kingdom and martial weapons exotic. Simple weapons were left untouched.


  • Copper = Ryo
  • Silver = Bu
  • Gold = Shu
  • Platinum = Mon
  • Stocks = Not allowed
  • Credit = Not governed.
  • Lending = Not governed.

Religious Implied

The Shogunates tend to follow a religion that mixes a belief of ancestor spirits and the philosophies of the Monastary they are loosely connected with.


  • Days/week: 5
  • Weeks/month: 9
  • Short Months/Long Months: 2
  • Long Months/year: 4
  • Days/year: 360
  • Weeks/Year: 72
  • Years/Cicle: 7

Enlightened City States

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