Emerald Isles

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Emerald Isles

Life on the high sea can be dangerous, this is true even when at port in the Emerald Isles. Though this land is controled by a matriarch, the laws within ports and the close waters only extend as far as the gaurds can see you. Visitors routinely come up missing, and a person not carefull might be found in an alley bleeding out or drug up with the days catch.

Climate: Varies
Priamry Terain: Island and sea
Percipitation: High
Temperature Range: 40 Degrees to 110 Degrees

Goverment: The Emerald Court
  • Matriarchy, The queen is the final say on every thing
  • Born in to the position
  • Apoints advisors at her whim
  • Conglomerate Heads are courtesants
  • Nobles hold regular events

The emerald Ilses focuses most of its military might on the Navy, utilizing it to keep pirates and undisirable ships away from its waters. This is not to say that they do not have impressive land units. There force bosts marines and comon armies as well.

  • Laws are governed by the Matriarch of the realm this means, with the queens being elven, that every few hundred years the laws may change on whim. This seems to work for the people, somehow.


Adding flavor to the game I’ve chnged around some things in the equipment, making some exotic weapons martial for this kingdom and martial weapons exotic. Simple weapons where left untouched.


  • Copper = Dineros
  • Silver = Sueldo
  • Gold = Peseta
  • Platinum = Maravedi
  • Stocks = Stocks in the conglomerates are traded rigorously
  • Credit = No credit
  • Lending = Loans interest rates are strickly maintained at 15% and have a maximum 10 years to be paid off

Religious Implied The emerald isles follow a pantheon closely related to the sea.


  • Days/week: 10
  • Weeks/month: 3
  • Months/year: 12
  • Days/year: 360
  • Weeks/Year: 36

Emerald Isles

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