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NOTE: italicised and lined out portions are where tears blur the calligraphy.

18 Maylord 1583
I returned home last night to find Benjamin and Jerry still poking around a bit. After entertaining them for about half a candlemark, I excused myself to bed. Just as I had dosed off I was attacked, most presumably by Papaw’s meurderer. They hadn’t quite left yet. I guess that they surmised that the killer would return just to be safe. So they eneded sticking around until this morning to be sure she…they had told me that much…was truly gone. Today I get to start going through Papaw’s things. That should prove to be fun. They may have warned me away, but there had to be something that he knew that would require a silencing by profesionals. I shall return.

21 Maylord 1538
It has taken me this long just to figure out Papaw’s code. I didn’t think that I’d ever crack the bloody thing but I made a breakthrough earlier this afternoon and worked into this evening to decipher the first of what will be seemingly unending journals and notes on his exploits. I would have wrote sooner but I would find that I was too tired to lift my head from his desk the time I finished in there each night. Much of what I have found out so far appears inconcequential. I have no doubt that I will find out much more in short order. It will be on hold for tomorrow though, as I need to get out of here for a little while.

26 Maylord 1538
Sorry seem to have gotten a one track mind here. I wenat and hung out at the ale for a while. There was someone there that was vaguely familiar but he left soon after I arrived. Kinda suspicious. Anyhow, after that I started working on Papaw’s journals again…that is so time consuming and absorbing. There is much that is interesting in there. But it is not something to be rewritten, at least not until it can be re-coded and the journals destroyed.

Unca dropped by today. He used to be so silly, but it appears that Papaw’s death has hit him hard. He was carring an armload of things, but he took them to the storage closet and told me to mind my manners what he brought would reveal itself in time.

I am expecting Ianvar and Ianavarra home this evening, hopefully. The ‘ported a letter back to me saying they still had a few things to finish in the capitol, I suspect that they won’y make it in time though.

Tomorrow is Papaw’s will reading. I am nervous as to what he had to say. I don’t even want to know in one way, but so badly want to hear his last words at the same time.

27 Maylord 1538
Ianvar and Ianavarra didn’t make it back for the reading. Figures, and know I have a parlour full of Papaw’s oldest friends. I’ll have to say that Rupert didn’t look so bad at the funeral, but now he is sporting some ectoplasm that is just too creepy. He keeps hitting on me too. I don’t see why, it isn’t as if I am beautiful or anything.

Sergin is even creepier than Rupert though. He just sits there silently and stares through me. It makes my skin crawl. His head is just as shiny as the floors in the Academy too, how he could get it that smooth is beyond me.

Unca looked angry. He hides it well, but judging by his posture and all he doesn’t like the fact that Papaw put him in charge of my well being. Though with Ianvar and Ianvarra always gone it seems that he is the most logical choice. I think that I even heard him mutter something to the effet of “She’s old enough to be on her own now Larn. She isn’t so fargile as Diedre.” He acted as if Papaw was there and they were whispering conspiritorly once more. I just wish he were.


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