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After a few failed attempts to find the caves that we had determined the kobolds had taken the children to, we finally found the correct one. Yet again I got to be the pincushion, as I went advance scouting and discovered that they had arrow slits. Odi, smiled down on us and we made it through.

The kobolds gifted us with their treasure, after we offered them a job at the plantation. They now have a pocket dimension of thier own to tend and aid us with the fruit harvest in that area. I recieved a bow from them. Now, ot a regular crossbow but one that I had never really seen used. Somehow, the second I touched it, I instinctively knew how it worked. Now I blame that partially on Shalindra, she has inhabited the thing for so long that it would only be natural for her to make sure her weilder knew how to use her.

Anyway, as the kobolds made their move to the plantation, we went further into the caves. The kobolds had been fearful of the “really bad hole”. We decided to relieve them of this fear. Not to mention that this is where they told us the children had run off to.

new entry

More fun with beasties. We found the children and an “ugly puppy”. Our friend in at the plantation will be pleased I think. But the system itself is a bit disturbing. We found some furnature that is currently being removed to be analyzed. Though I am not trusting the mages at the Academy to do it right. Papaw didn’t trust to many of them. The motifs on the items they have removed quie often involve spiders. It escapes me who would apparently worship spiders like that but hey to each their own.

It is late right now. I haven’t been able to sleep well lately. My dreams and memories are seeming jumbled and wrong. I will have to ask Beldin what he thinks about this. I think that I will take a room at the school tomorrow. Maybe that will help ease the prickling along my skin.


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