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It could be done…in over a year or so. We do not have that kind of time. But I just thought of another one, Shevar’s head mage. We’ll have to be crafty about this so I will not detail it at the moment. If all goes well, knowing my luck it won’t, I’ll detail the plan later. I do need to run it by M just to see what other little oddities he can throw into the mix to make sure it works.

(picked up later in a different book.)

Well my un-luck held true. At least for Mai, her five, Graham, and myself. I still do not know what happened to the others. I can only hope that we were the only ones pulled from our destination.

Hmmm…nothing like the feeling of your innards being pulled through your navel via your throat. Then showing up in the middle of hostile persons. I wasn’t but two steps from my arrival point when they clubbed me. I can only hope that Mai and Graham fared better than I have.

I suppose that I deserve this in a way. I let my fear of this very outcome get the better of my reasoning. Papaw always said that was definately one trait that I had gained from him…letting my emotions get me into trouble that is. I still miss him terribly.

Beldin had better be holding together. I can’t feel him, that in and of itself is as unnerving as it was the last time it happened. Hopefully, he realizes that I am not dead. He is my only hope of contact or rescue at this point. I highly doubt Mr. I-am-so-much-better-at-planning-than-you is going to want to take the risk of coming in after me.

I suppose that my only option is to pray to Odi and keep my fingers crossed that a window of opportunity will surface that allows me to comunicate with Beldin. I shall have to keep myself alert for any such chances…for many reasons.


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