Burning Sands

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Kingdom of Sahar-Dune

Nomadic Desert people roam this area calling the land Sahar-Dune. The Brass Capital, the only city actualy present in the desert, Is a beuty to behold. Several Clan like tribes roam the deserts interacting when necesary.

Climate: Sub-Tropical
Priamry Terain: Dessert
Percipitation: Low
Temperature Range: 20 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Goverment: Meeting of the Dune Lords
  • Leaders of the tribes
  • Chosen by the tribe
  • Spitual as well as political leaders
  • Colectively select the Desert Lord
  • Colectively decides fate of the Sahareash

Military: Tribal Conscripts
When called to action the entire tribe fights, man woman and child. Those too sick or old to fight feed clean and care for the ones who can. This has made any attack on the desert a vary risky proposition. To confound this further the people of the sand do not believe in conventional warfare, instead practicing in ambush and skirmish fighting.

Law: The People of each tribe uphold the laws by majority. If some one breaks the law the comunity as a whole decides guilt and punishment. The Dune Lords Preside over any of these trials ensuring that fare treatment is meshed out to all.


Adding flavor to the game I’ve chnged around some things in the equipment, making some exotic weapons martial for this kingdom and martial weapons exotic. Simple weapons where left untouched.


  • Copper = Halala
  • Silver = Kurus
  • Gold = Hejas
  • Platinum = Riyal
  • Stocks = Not allowed
  • Credit = Not Goverend.
  • Lending = Not Governed

Religious Implied

Sahar-Dune Worships a belief of genies and Djinn, all tribes venerate al of the elemental lords, but focuss the majority of veneration on one Djinn or another.


  • Days/week: 10
  • Weeks/month: 3
  • months/year: 12
  • Days/year: 360
  • weeks/Year: 36

Burning Sands

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