Beggers Corner Burns

Octorbus 1590 Nuelm Nuelm Calander Current nuelmtime

Begger’s Corner, as the slums are known Was victem to the thunderstorms. Major areas where affected by a fire started by lightning strikes. While the damage is extensive leaving families without shelter, there was few lives lost. A total of 74 people where found dead in the fires, Clerics are working to identify the bodies. No storm is without its silver lining aparently, as the fires took the lives of 15 people belived to belong to a criminal organization known as the “Red Light Mafia” These criminals where being investigated for crimes around the city including:

  • Strongarming
  • Burglary
  • Murder
  • Rioting
  • Black mail
  • Extorsion
  • Use of magical control

Non of the alugations where proven, as all suspected members are dead no one is expecting any indictements.

Beggers Corner Burns

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