“We, as of yet have found nothing to their origin. They are young not without their good points, some are even decedent from the same as us.”

“So, does this council deem them a hazard to this world?”

“At this time they are only as much trouble as a babe is, proper guidance is all that is required.”

.Conversation within the Fesa Parli Council.

                It all started on another world, ripped by magic and an unknown evil. It is said that the gods fell from the heavens themselves before the races came together for survival. In that apocalypse, a great many arcane casters gave their lives to open a portal, that portal lead here. The place the portal had been opened to was a vast plain, perfect for habitation. There they built their city, the new hope of the people, NUELM in the old tongue. In the early days, times were strange as people found ways to live together. Elves, humans, Halflings, and other races had to find their niches. After the first city was built, explorers started searching the surrounding areas. They found themselves surrounded by fantastic features; a great river to the west that would take days to cross, to the east a mountain chain spanning areas that would require weeks to cross on flat terrain, and to the north a plains area at the bottom of a great depression surrounded on all sides by near impassable terrain. This plains valley was named The Blood Plains by the explorers, for the bloody sheen found on all plant and animal life. Even the rain was thick and crimson.
                The blood plains were found to be actually cursed by some powerful magic. The creatures there in tainted by the nature of the place, even the water was actual blood. For 500 years this remained a mystery. During this time other cities grew from the exploration. Then came the blood elves, tainted by the area they lived in they were wretched looking creatures covered in scabs and dripping wounds. Judging not by appearance or circumstance, the government of Nuelm made a treaty with these creatures. This treaty lasted for another 300 years. When another denizen of this world came forth they spoke of the evil that was the blood elf. Trust was reserved however, for the entity that came to them was aloof and suspicious, claiming that he was a wind elf. After all 300 years of peace was nothing to easily break. This all came to a head when adventurers stumbled on the blood elf secret.
                The new friends of the settlers were in to some weird things; blunt piercings and tattoos designed to elicit the most pain from a person. That was no reason to think them evil, however the narcotic known as liquid pain was. The practices of these "friends" where solely done to elicit this drug. It was in these dens of art that the blood elves made their most vile thing. This drug was then used to subjugate people in key positions, allowing the allies to run the government in secret. When this was found the young races banished blood elves from their cities thinking to be rid of the problem. A few years later they were given the ultimatum.
                The pure races, made up by elemental elves and dwarves, told them in no uncertain terms that they would either fight the blood elves or be exterminated with them. This was backed by the strange sightings being reported all over the kingdom. To the east there were reports that the mountains themselves uprooted and took flight. While the west claimed that vast armies of golems purposely walked across the land. Other reports told that there were trees moving from the south so large that the entire capital could easily fit in one of its boughs. The young races where not taking risks, certainly these "Pure" races controlled vast powers in order to do these things, so they allied with the pure races.
                During this war much was learned about these pure races. All of the elves studied a philosophy tailored to their element. This philosophy mixed martial and idealistic thoughts making them a force to be reckoned with. While the Pure Dwarves connected with the metals thought to be precious. To them each metal was a symbol of the true nature of the dwarf. They also learned that the blood elves had destroyed another of the pure elves, called the spirit elves. This war lasted a century, in that time some young races were taken in to be trained the martial philosophies of the elves. They found that the blood elves also played at creating creatures, using their blood magic they would meld bits and pieces together to form monsters of war.
                No one is sure when it actually happened, but the war subsided with the agreement that the blood elves would stay in their plains and that the pure elves would not destroy them. Some time during the closing of this war several people moved off in hopes to be rid of the horrors they had seen. These settlers became the other kingdoms, and independent cities.

Time line

Dates are in Nuelm Reckoning
0000 AP Young Races First step foot on the souther platue Nuelm formed
0532 AP Blood Plains discovered; Blood Elves Encountered
0801 AP Inquisitors Created; Wind Elves Apear
0852 AP Blood Wars began; Desent in the young races
0860 AP Fear causes groups to move south, others east; official spliting of the Kingdom
0862 AP Official Ending of the Blood Wars; Colonies continue to leave Kingdom
0870 AP Trade agreement inacted with Pure Races; Pure Craze begins in Nuelm
0982 AP Snildon Founded by Jingin Niblenoggen
0990 AP First Traders from Z’sth-Tor
1502 AP Wizards anounce the opening of a special facility for seige constructs

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