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“As the seasons, love cycles. It is during the coldest times that lovers need express their intentions. So let their be a day set aside, as the world cools, let mortals express bliss in all their intentions.”

Excitation 3:42


The lovers spoke to their followers, in order to teach them about lasting love in all of its forms. The first followers took this to mean that a day should be set aside so that they may devote their selves to the hapiness of their partner. The practice of seting one of the few days one had off eventualy became a common practice.


During the Blood wars this practice went out of style due to the heavy fighting and rampant turmoils through out that period. It was shortly after that climatic battle that Amoris Godfellow began telling his congregation to revive the works of the church through this holiday.

Several interpitations have been brought to practice, The Temple of Everlasting Bliss in Snildon chooses to practice this holiday by opening its doors, Arms and other parts to the public. Sensual Messages, companions, and a host of other services are given away for free. Their folowers, not working for the church, are encouraged to take the day off and administer to the physical needs of their partner.


This is prehaps the temples busiest day, as alot of their services are given for free or at a discount tithe. Both male and females are welcomed and administered to during this day. Some of the free services are:
  • Message
  • Various classes
  • Campanions
  • Stamina building sessions
  • Sexual Health check ups
  • Contraceptive Spell Casting

The culmination of this event begins at sundown, when the doors of the temple are closed for the night. Those still inside, emerge the next day speaking of incredible hapinings. Some say that the Lovers them selves visit the temple to bestow sexual bliss. Movianable 18th whas chosen when the scriptor was taken literaly. A day in the cold months when Mortals can intend bliss.

Day of Blissful Intentions

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