Maryssia Prudence Dartam


I remember vividly the first dream I had of Dragons. It had come after a particularly grueling day at school. The spells that we had been attempting that day came on top of finals on temporal physics and molecular manipulation. There had been a debate at lunch as well, come to think of it, that could have been the catalyst for the dream…

I chose the glazed game hen with wild rice and vegetable medley to fuel me for that afternoon’s castings. Larise, Constance, M’lir, and Alandris sat with me. I’m not sure who brought the subject up first, but the next thing I remember Constance thumped his fist on the table and started to brandish his fork at M’lir.

“You would do well to hold your tongue about things you do not know about.”

“Please we have all read the histories. It’s just as well that those foul beasts never saw this plane.”

I looked up as the table scraping of chair legs screeched across the floor. Constance had stood with enough force to actually send his chair clear across the room. There was a muted thump and a surprised squeal from its landing point. I went across the room to investigate, leaving the half-dragon and the young elf to their tiff.

I got there to find a very mousy girl around my age being aided by a newcomer to the academy.

“There, my name’s Sareth.”

A bare whisper came from the girl. “I’m Cynthia. Thank you.

The bubbly elf beamed at her new friend. “Not a problem, Cyn…you don’t mind if I call you that do you?”

The bruised child smiled in return. “Not at all.” She looked up at me. “And you are?”

“Mary.” I mumbled embarrassed that I had been caught just standing there staring. I offered each a hand up. As I bent to do so, my locket slid from under my robes. “I am truly sorry my friends got a little carried away in their discussion over there.”

Cynthia’s eyes narrowed slightly. “What could have possibly caused such a passionate response?” She asked as she accepted my offered hand.

My reply came out slightly breathless as an electric chill ran up my spine. “There was some discussion as to rather or not it is a good thing that dragons do not exist.”

She managed to catch the underlying meaning and her eyes widened slightly. “Oh, well I guess that would put a kink in your friend’s tail then.”

I just gave a non-committal shrug. “Yes but…”

“That’s lovely.” Sareth put in. “Where’d you get it?”

I followed her gaze to the locket. “This is a family heirloom actually.” I tucked it back into my robes. I received a small shock when my skin contacted the metal. I didn’t think of it much at the time. But it seemed that then it was almost like a door in my mind cracked open. My new found friends never knew and still don’t.

The dream went something like this…

My priestess robes flowed around me in the swirling magical wind. I looked to my husband. He looked like a god among the other mages. “Go now. Get the children out of here.” He calmly told me.

A sad smile crossed my features and I blew him a kiss. He smiled briefly before turning his full concentration back to the mass casting at hand.

I ushered the children through the portal. As we were instantly teleported to the new world, I felt our bond stretch to tenuous thinness from the distance. Then it snapped completely as the portal slammed closed behind Kristov.

I was driven to my knees by the force of it. The eldest child that had stayed nearest to me spoke up. “What about daddy?”

“It’s just us now, Molikux.” I gasped to him through the pain in my head. Then I felt it, a little tickling flutter that distracted me from the pain. “And your unborn sibling, my son.”

“What Momma?”

“You will be a big brother in several months Mo.”

I woke gasping and not really knowing what to think. There had been dragons all over in the skies in that dream. The man that had stayed behind had brilliantly shining wings and a tail. A Half-dragon for sure, as well as the little boy.

The woman had been heart broken at the loss of her husband. Her platinum colored robes had felt like lead weights weighing her down. The only comfort was the warmth radiating from the small holy-symbol around her neck.

Now that I think on that the weight of the dream necklace seems much the weight of the one I wear. That would explain a number of things. I guess that’s where I decided that I would become an expert in dragon lore. I do believe they exist and would give anything to see one in person.

Another thing that I find funny now about that whole day is one small fact. Sareth. I had thought nothing of meeting with her at first. She was just another child honing her skills here. Or so I thought at the time…

Sareth and I had escorted Cynthia to the healers because her knee kept giving out on her. As we waited for our friend to come out, an older elven gentleman came sweeping into the room. I didn’t think a thing of it until he used the ultimate in reprimands.

That tone of voice which is carefully cultivated by parents to strike the fear of punishment into the hearts of their children, coupled with the one thing every child dreads the use of, their full given name. Sareth Diedre M’Kilas. She looked appropriately chastised before his launch into why she shouldn’t have wandered off.

Me. I was floored at the fact that I had been associating with family of a former headmistress. I had been barely two at the time of the woman’s death but due to my driving need to know things I had studied the history of the school and its entire former faculty. I had concluded by the time Sareth inadvertently confirmed my forming hypothesis as to her relation. She called him grandfather.

Maryssia Prudence Dartam

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