Dalenn “Ash” Barlen


Social status: Worker/Mid. Class
Family: Mother Raised
Parental Fate: Never Knew Father
Family: Standing: Bad; Family vanished at beginning of war; trying to forget about them.
Siblings: 3-an older brother and sister, an older twin.
Friends: 3-male like big brother, female co-worker, female like a younger sister.
Enemies: None
Romance: Involved; lover is insanely jelous.

Hair: Curly, Long, Red.
Eyes: Honey Golden
Misc. Traits: No sense of Humor about Manners, Uses Long words, Stable and serious, values love the most, most valued object in a musical instrument, valuse twin the most.

Has a missing tooth and a distinctive scar resulting from a Firball attack in the Emerald Isles: 02 Maylord 1589

Dalenn “Ash” Barlen

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