Kanavinquis Nasal


Social status: Noble/Wealthy
Family: Both parents are alive and well
Parental Fate: N/A
Family: Standing: Bad; Family lost all titles and lands through bad management; get back what is rightfully owed.
Siblings: 6-2 older brother, 1 younger brother, 2 older sisters, an older twin.
Friends: 5- 1 mentor, 2 ex-lovers, 1 grew up with, 1 old school friend.
Enemies: 1 ex-lover, NPC caused a loved ones death, mutual hate, he/she would cause harm indirectly
Romance: Uninvolved; No time to waste on.

Hair: Black hair that covers one eye.
Eyes: Mithril Grey
Misc. Traits: Arrogant, proud and aloof, Most valued thing is honesty, most valued possession is a book, Values self the most, has a higher than normal pitch to voice, No sesnse of humor about flamboyance.

Is missing part of a finger and has another distictive sccar resulting from the Firball attack in the Emerald Isles: 02 Maylord 1589

Kanavinquis Nasal

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