In To The Dark

The Spider in the hen house

Emerald Isles, Unknown location
From: 23, Maloch 1589 To: 08, Augustus 1589
Sareth’s Journal Beldin’s Journal Mesinplas’s Journal Graham’s Journal Mai-Khai’s Journal Cherry’s Journal Ill-Dal’s Journal Morgan’s Journal

This is a paraphrased colapsed version of what happened, I apologize to those reading this and to my players for the brevity.

The party was held up by guards and healing their fallen comrade. They moved operations to the embassy. A few weeks later a second attack was made, Morgan and Cherry where targeted by poison. Morgan would have died if not for the menstrations of Cherry, which eventually got them arrested for public fornication. The charges where dropped after a brief explanation. One of the attackers was captured who handed over some strange gold coins. Several campaigns where made against Akesril, designed to make it uncomfortable for the queen to have continued relations with him. These plans bore little fruit.

Eventually the party made another foray into the secret chamber of Akesril, this time with light. They found a torture chamber, a strange message book, and a poisoners lab. This was in addition to the huge monsterous spider hiding in the corner. That night they alerted the local authorities, who raided the building. A man hunt was begun for the traitor. The queen was found dead when they went to alert her of the findings, gutted and battered from long term S&M activities. THe only recoverable evidence was a single spider hair. Akesril was never found, despite the lock down and recall caused by the queens death.

On the trip home Mesinplas was attacked by a shadowy figure. Before any one could react the figure jumped out and stabed Mesinplas through the neck. Both the attacker and the dagger disintigrated, but not before Mesinplas Identified him as Akesril. Mesinplas was not wounded except for a scar that formed instantly on the right side of his neck. When they Returned home the debrief and recovery time took a year. Mai-Khai and Sareth where already home. They where complete again and now they had another… Morgan.