In To The Dark

Orphans or not to Orphans

Sareth’s Journal

Our three adventurures, now a cozy little trio, decide to help the city find some missing children. It seems an orphanage caravan was attacked by kobolds and several of the children were kidnaped. Well none of them is a woodsman so they decide to hire some henchies. They get a five man team of good stout cannon fodder, and an unexpected arrival; our friendly neighborhood Worshipper of the God and Godess of Love, Lust, and Kink. Cherry loves little kids and wants to help the orphans as well. Far from a fighter the party decides she would be good baby sitting the children. For the guide, they go to the Parks and Recreation, who in turn gives them the aid of Graham, the singing Ranger. Eventually they find the right cave, after an encounter with a Behirs nest. The Kobolds give them a good lashing in the beginning almost killing at least one PC and a few henchies. After the initial clash between the kobolds and party, they pertty much wipe the floor with em My dice betrayed me I tell you! Getting to the chieftian, the kobolds beg for mercy giving a sob story about not being able to find honest work and wanting to just live. Hrmmm, slave labor for the plantaion any one? well Mesinplas decides to give them jobs and even pay them. the Kobolds also confess to taking the children but for their own good they were geting mistreated.

Following the kobolds advice, they searched the “really bad whole” where the children supposedly went. What they found was an ancient stronghold, well one level of it anyway, of some ancient civilization that worshipped spiders SHHHH it’s a secret eventually the found the children, facing off a giant spider in the process, and returned them safely.

Finished this quest