In To The Dark

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Sareth’s Journal

Shepard of the Shepard

Ok, so the party goes to explore the second level of their new super secret cave hang out. By this time, the crop is starting to take its toll on Beldin and, through him, Sareth. The party gets their perverbial butts handed to them in the first room and wisely decide to back out of the dungeon. By this time, they have taken to calling themselves Seekers of Forgoten Arcane, A.K.A. S.o.F.A. So somehow the authorities are alerted to the problem of Beldin and give them this ultimatum.

You must leave the kingdom of Nuelm until such a time as you are no longer plagued by this crop.

They eventually agree to let him take one of the previously cropped people, who now reside in the insane asylum. The party, not wnating to leave Beldin to his fate, decide to travel with him. Picking up a bit of force along the way. Mai Khai a psycic warrior, keen to adventure and prove her worth.

The party came up with a grand plan to travel as a caravan plying the exotic fruits grown at the plantation. The first stop at the Twin Cities, a pair of independant cities spanning the great divide. They time spent there while the cities insured that no “Illigal” items were passing through was spent diferently by each person. Sareth dodged the Imperium people that lived in this city, Beldin started to get to know the slave girl, Cherry… “Prayed” excessively, Graham plied his bardic talent and used it to get some of the fruit sold, Mai Khai garded the wagons and other personal stuff. Mesinplas furthered his disguise as a Prophet of Annoya by getting the religion reconized within the Twin Cities. he had created this religion to hide the fact that he was an arcane caster

Eventually they get to the Enlightened City States, meet Gypsies, and go to a Shogun’s party. Here they get their first glimpse that there is another culture at work behind the goverments of various kingdoms. All in all, they spend a lot of time building their covers.

Ah, finally they get to the Imperium, all went great. That is until they get to the capital where they are arrested at the gates. Mainly due to the crop thingy, partly due to Sareth’s grandfather, who happens to be the Lord High Preator. Well they get split up, Beldin, and his slave girl are wisked away to the Praetors HQ so a Ritual that will violently sever the bond to the crop can be preformed. Sareth however, is taken to a mansion and held there until the lord High Praetor can arrive. The rest are thrown in jail for questioning.

The main body of the party are questioned and through some outside help are released from prisson with a Cryptic warning. Now they need to find Sareth and Beldin.

Sareth, a prisoner in a guilded gage, roams the posh room in the fancy clothes left for her. The door opens to reveal a rather strange looking elf. The features were off somehow and the eyes… such a deep shade of violet. Turns out her visitor is none other than the Lord High Praetor’s right hand man, Illim. And he wants her to spy on Nuelm for him. He presents a very convincing argument, the alternative is becoming his slave. Well that conversation got interrupted by the man himself.

Come to find out The High Praetor is torn between his duty to justice and the way the arcane casters are treated. He guiltly lets Sareth go with the admonishment never to step foot in the Imperium again. That’s two, now for the third leg.

The party cathches up with each other and goes dashing after Beldin. Reaching the city late they hole up in a tavern and start gathering information. Mesinplas starts doing his priest bit, only to be arrested on subversion and sentenced to Death by burning at the stake. Mean while Beldin is already going for the ritual. Praying feverishly, he asks for help, before he even realized what he did. Olidamara stops time for a brief second and casually walks into the room while every one but him, Beldin, and of course the slave girl, are flash frozen. Well he walks Beldin out of the mansion, but not before stealing several things, and reuniting him with his party. Now to prove to Olidamarra, Beldin must complete a quest.

Out of the Imperium and into the Seige constrruct city. To steal an item they do not know any thing about. Eventually they complete the quest as well as achieving the following:
  1. The Imperium are massing for war
  2. Illim has been making deals as the High Praetor
  3. The High Preator as been ousted recently for allowing a spy to escape
  4. Blaming the Imperium for the theft
  5. sabotaging their new siege constructs

Well they head back Home only to find half the Nuelm Army staging for the war. And waiting for them to give them a letter of summons to the High Command in Nuelm Proper.

They join up as an irregular force.

and thats where we are right at the moment, they have several missions already lined up, and have recruited a new Scout named Illi-Dal.


Yeah this part sucked…for Sareth. Nothing like being driven to the edge of madness.

The Rest of the Story