In To The Dark

Enter Messinplas

Sareth’s Journal Mesenplas’ Journal

The druids plantation.

Our entrepid duo run into a human wizard that seems to be going and checking on a missing druid. This druid apparently uses nature magic to make hybrid fruits for exotic uses. The two decide to tag along, turns out this wizard is an instructor at the Academy by the name of Mesinplas.

Upon finding the druids grove, they immediatly begin searching the grounds. This leads to the discovery of miniautre pocket dimensions of various climates and terrains. One of which has a dragon whose poor hatchling has ran away. Not finding him in the immediate entry to any of the pocket dimensions the party begins to search the house. Nothing too unusual except the kobold holy symbol, but wait there’s a basement.

They find something far from shrooms and dust. On the floor of the basement is the body of the druid, desicated and shriveled. Of course, the reson for this wouldn’t be the giant plant ogre that the druid magically created. Yup it’s a Frankinstien Moment.

The party dispatches the ogre and return the body for proper burial, only to be told that the land now belongs to them. Ok! Anyone with proffesion Mad Hoderculturalist?

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