In To The Dark

Operation Sea Dog

Sareth’s Journal

1. Situation:

Autenburg is home to many exotic creatures in its waters; among these is the silver fin. Primarily sought for there sweet meat, these fish are a religious symbol to the Autenburgens. Several tribes fish the waters for these fish. Despite this a healthy balance has been maintained. Enter Emerald Isles; their practice of fishing large amounts by galleons is causing a depletion of the fish, endangering their survival as well as the survival of some Autenburg peoples. Initially the Autenburg government tried peaceful negotiations with the Emerald Queen. Advised by her military and commerce advisors she refuted any claim the Autenburgens had due to “insufficient force to sustain protective postures.” She in turn threw the request back at the Autenburg Government as a payment for protecting the coastal waters from pirates.

2. Mission:

Your regiment is to send a task force into the Emerald Isles, Find the fish barons specifically fishing these waters, and trying to find another resource for them to fish. If this can not be attained you are authorized to open negotiations on behalf of Autenburg. Only if all other attempts are exhausted may you begin attacking the fleets.

3. Execution:

A. Reports on the task force will be sent monthly on the 30th of each month by you to Hurashio Mestermine, CPT Nuelm Command.

B. Find another source of Silver Fins for the emerald isles

C. If another source can not be found attempt other avenues of approach.

4. Service Support:

  • Pre mission support will be handled by Snildon Armory.
  • No Support can be expected in Emerald Isles at this time.
  • Redeployment support will be handled by Snildon Armory.

5. Command and Signal.

1. Main means of communication will be with magical messages to and from Hurashio Mestermine, CPT Nuelm Command.

2. Emergency messages will have priority.State at the beginning of message “Emergency, Emergency, Emergency…”

3. No alternate form of communication is authorized.


Argentrock General in Command

Official: Mestermine S3


ANNEX A Task organization (not used)

ANNEX B Intelligence

ANNEX C Battle Maps (not used)

ANNEX D Rules of Engagement

ANNEX E Fortifications

ANNEX F Signal

ANNEX G Service support (not used)

ANNEX H Reconnaissance (not used)

ANNEX I Deep operations

ANNEX J OPSEC (not used)

ANNEX K Deception (not used)

ANNEX L Arcane Support (not used)

ANNEX M Public Affairs (not used)

ANNEX B Intelligence to OPORD SOFA-01-88

1 Situation:

(1)Terrain: It will be difficult to summarize the terrain that you may in encounter. Emerald Isles lies along An Island chain, terrain varies according to the island. Sea going vessels will be utilized. Expect several different terrain features from volcanic to temperate Islands.


a.Temperatures in the AO range warmer than there land bound counter parts but otherwise show similarities to Nuelm.

b.Storm season is just now ending for the area, still expect sever thunderstorms and high winds

c.Some islands contain active volcanoes and should be treated as such expect unpredicted eruptions to occur.


a.As a clandestine mission all non-organic forces are considered to be non-trustworthy at least, and hostile most of the time.


i.No Friendly Forces are to be in the area

Nothing follows.

ANNEX D Rules of Engagement to OPORD SOFA-00-88

1.Authorization of defense.

a.Defense is fully authorized.

2.Authorization of Attack.

a.Attack is authorized.

Nothing Follows.

ANNEX F Signal to OPORD SOFA-00-88

1.Standard communication.

a.All Standard communication will proceed as dictated by OPORD SOFA-02-88

Nothing follows.

ANNEX I Deep operations: (This is a manual for deep operations)