In To The Dark

Operation Mongoose

Sareth’s Journal

1. Situation:

Recently an increase in drug trafficking has been observed between Nuelm and Z’sth-tor. Specifically trafficking in the drug known as ambrosia, an intoxicant that addicts the user on the first use. The dependency this drug generates is such that it could easily be used as a means to subvert officials with in the government. Intelligence believes this to be an attempt to weaken the Nuelm forces at their heart. Inquisitors are busy Dealing with the traffickers within Nuelm.

The military wants to send an expeditionary force in to Z’sth-tor to root out the manufacturing centers and sabotage their production. This mission will be an ongoing mission and teams will be rotated on a 2 year cycle starting when they are on station. Currently there are no operations within Z’sth-tor.

2. Mission:

Your regiment is to send a taskforce to Z’sth-tor in order to establish a base of operations and begin anti drug operations. The initial process of this would be to establish maintainable stations within the interior of Z’sth-tor. This will require the Task Force to write SOP as well.

3. Execution:

A. This Taskforce is to leave No later than the evening of Movianable 1.

B. Reports on the task force will be sent monthly on the 30th of each month by you to Hurashio Mestermine, CPT Nuelm Command.

C. Theater procedures will be written by the task force to insure an exchange of personnel for the correct time.

D. Upon arriving at AO Task force will begin scouting areas to be used as operational command centers.

4. Service Support:

  • Pre mission support will be handled by Snildon Armory. Tropical weather Kits will be issued to the members of this task force.
  • No additional support is authorized. Task force is authorized to take personal equipment.
  • No Support can be expected in Z’sth-tor at this time.
  • Redeployment support will be handled by Snildon Armory.

5. Command and Signal.

1. Main means of communication will be with magical messages to and from Hurashio Mestermine, CPT Nuelm Command.

2. Emergency messages will have priority. State at the beginning of message “Emergency, Emergency, Emergency…”

3. No alternate form of communication is authorized.


Argentrock General in Command

Official: Mestermine S3


ANNEX A Task organization (not used)

ANNEX B Intelligence

ANNEX C Battle Maps (not used)

ANNEX D Rules of Engagement

ANNEX E Fortifications

ANNEX F Signal

ANNEX G Service support (not used)

ANNEX H Reconnaissance (not used)

ANNEX I Deep operations

ANNEX J OPSEC (not used)

ANNEX K Deception (not used)

ANNEX L Arcane Support (not used)

ANNEX M Public Affairs (not used)

ANNEX B Intelligence to OPORD SOFA-01-88

1 Situation:

(1)Terrain: Z’sth-tor lies within a tropical jungle. Most of the area is marsh and swamp with thick overgrowth obscuring footing and hazards. Z’sth-tor has very few roads, those of which are in poor condition. The over growth and terrain features run right up to the cities in most areas affording abundant cover and concealment. While initial reports claim the area is void of tunnels and cavern systems, Deep reconnaissance has reported a large amount hidden in the foliage. Diseases run rampant in these areas extra care must be taken against insect and animal bites.


a.Temperatures in the AO range from hot to sweltering in the winter and only get worse during the summer.

b.This is the monsoon season for the area; expect supper heavy winds and rainstorms lasting weeks at a time.

c.Floods are an issue all year and happen with no predictable pattern.

d.Areas of the Jungle are so saturated that they cause the ground itself to act as a liquid with the consistency of pudding. Extra care must be maintained during traveling.


a.You will be within the heart of Z’sth-tor

b.Suspect the enemy to have near unlimited numbers

c.Enemy may be supported by various Snake like races

d.Reports indicate that the Z’sth-tor militant arm uses a variety of drugs that enhance fighting ability.

e.Z’sth-Tor primary way of dealing with a problem is assassination.

f.The enemy is at home within the jungle terrain, and has distinct advantages.


i.No Friendly Forces are known to be in the area

Nothing follows.

ANNEX D Rules of Engagement to OPORD SOFA-00-88

1.Authorization of defense.

a.Defense is fully authorized.

b.If faced with a possible battle a fighting withdrawal is recommended

2.Authorization of Attack.

a.Attack is authorized only against drug trade and manufacturing.

b.Raids into a city are unauthorized

c.Raids against traveling tradesmen are authorized on against those supporting the drug trade.

Nothing Follows.

ANNEX E Fortifications: (included in this packet are several instructions and examples of fortifications used by Nuelm)

ANNEX F Signal to OPORD SOFA-00-88

1.Standard communication.

a.All Standard communication will proceed as dictated by OPORD SOFA-01-88

Nothing follows.

ANNEX I Deep operations: (This is a manual for deep operations)