In To The Dark

Operation Condor

Sareth’s Journal

1. Situation:

A year ago, Autenburg Representatives approached the Nuelm government claiming to have an Imperium Defector seeking asylum. At that time negotiations with the Defector and Autenburg commenced, via messengers. This defector has privileged information on the inner workings of the Imperium, specifically the Inquisitors and the scholars that work closely with them.

An agreement on the conditions of asylum and cooperation has been made benefiting all parties involved. To this end a team of Nuelm forces are needed to covertly enter the Frozen Wastes and ensure the safe retrieval of this Defector. This mission must remain covert from even the Nuelm public due to the nature of the defector. It is strongly believed that the defector is now being actively hunted by Imperium forces.

As of the writing of this order several Imperium forces have been seen operating in the area of Autenburg. They are suspected to have caused several deaths and injuries. These forces are believed to be searching for the defector.

2. Mission:

Your regiment is to send a taskforce to retrieve this Defector. The task force is directed to not engage in any activities that would belie their presence. They will make contact in the capital of Autenburg, retrieve the package and return him safely to the Nuelm military at their home station.

Enemy presence and information may be found in the intelligence annex. (ANNEX B)

Rules of engagement may be found in ANNEX D

3. Exicution:

A. The task force will leave no later than Janivier 30 1589 for the frozen wastes.

B. Reports on the task force will be sent monthly on the 30th of each month by you to Hurashio Mestermine, CPT Nuelm Command.

C. The following will be reported in addition.
  1. Time leaving Nuelm
  2. Time arriving at the capital of Autenburg
  3. Time received the package
  4. Time leaving Autenburg and destination.
  5. Arrival at home station.

D. Upon arriving at Home station arrangements will be made for transfer of the national.

4. Service Support:

  • Pre mission support will be handled by Snildon Armory.
  • Extreme cold weather packages will be issued to all soldiers on order for this mission.
  • No cart is authorized, extra provisions are unauthorized, one mount per person is authorized, and taking of personal equipment is authorized.
  • From the borders of Nuelm to the Borders of Autenburg no support will be given, except in emergencies.
  • Support within the confines of Autenburg will be handled by diplomatic Consulates. Authorization for this is given with in this mission package.
  • Redeployment support will be handled by Snildon Armory.

5. Command and Signal.

1. Main means of communication will be with magical messages to and from Hurashio Mestermine, CPT Nuelm Command.

2. Emergency messages will have priority. State at the beginning of message “Emergency, Emergency, Emergency…”

3. alternate communication may be addressed to the nearest military personnel with rank no lower that Lieutenant Colonel. The written form of the missive should use standard cipher 003A and matching Key (provided in this mission package).


Argentrock General in Command

Official: Mestermine S3


ANNEX A Task organization (not used)

ANNEX B Intelligence

ANNEX C Battle Maps (not used)

ANNEX D Rules of Engagement

ANNEX E Fortifications (not used)

ANNEX F Signal (not used)

ANNEX G Service support (not used)

ANNEX H Reconnaissance (not used)

ANNEX I Deep operations (not used)

ANNEX J OPSEC (not used)

ANNEX K Deception (not used)

ANNEX L Arcane Support (not used)

ANNEX M Public Affairs (not used)

ANNEX B Intelligence to OPORD SOFA-00-88

1 Situation:

(1)Terrain: Travel to Autenburg crosses ranges of temperate, sub-artic, and artic. Extra precaution must be taken in the Sub-artic and artic regions as ice sheets and flows may impede travel. Heavy snow will obscure ground terrain; careful footing will be a must. Much of the vast area of the frozen plains is artic tundra as such food is scarce, extra hunting and precautions are to be taken before the transition.

(2) Weather

a.Temperatures in the temperate band will reach Freezing levels

b.Temperatures in the sub-artic and artic bands will reach a point that metal freezes to metal.

c.Expect blizzards and heavy snow throughout the trip.

d.On the return expect heavy floods as winter ice melts causing unstable ice sheets and footing.

(3) Enemy:

a.Enemy is known to be working in the area

b.Suspected enemy numbers to be approximately 100

c.Leader is believed to be Leafrip Steelhammer, a praetor scourge of some repute. Leafrip and his personnel have received special training in tracking and capturing praetors and other specialized targets.

d.Reports indicate that Leafrip’s crop doesn’t act like other crops of the Imperium. Leafrip is known to have no arcane casters under his command.

e.It is believed that Imperium forces are searching for the defector

f.The enemy has most capability in wilderness and urban tracking and survival.

g.Strong rouge presences with in the enemy’s numbers.


a.The contact person is described in ANNEX F

b.The Defector is detailed as follows.

i.High Praetor Harbael Feraualfisyr, ex-patriot.

ii.Elven Male, 315 years of age, 5’ tall, 100lbs, ashy blond hair clean shaven with pale blue eyes.

iii.His “Flock” is not with him

iv.In addition to his traveling gear he will have additional gear containing his trappings as a Praetor, not to be worn in public.

v.Subject his a guest and should be treated as such

vi.Safety of the subject is priority

vii.Comfort of the subject is priority except when deemed a hindrance to the mission by task force command.

viii.Subject is conversant in Nuelm, no translator is authorized.

ix.Task force is not authorized to exchange information.

Nothing follows.

ANNEX D Rules of Engagement to OPORD SOFA-00-88

1.Authorization of defense.

a.Task force is authorized to defend its self as long as that defense is not detrimental to their cover identity.

b.Task force will comply with all orders given by Autenburg officials.

c.Task force will not use Arcane casting techniques in public view.

d.If defense is necessitated, no chance can be taken that reports will get back to the Imperium.

2.Authorization of Attack.

a.No authorization will be given for any attacks taken under this mission.

Nothing Follows.

ANNEX F Signal to OPORD SOFA-00-88

1.Standard communication.

a.All Standard communication will preceed as dictated by OPORD SOFA-00-88

b.(included in this packet is a cipher key booklet)

2.Communication to contact

a.Contact is to be made the day of entry as follows.

i.Upon entering the capital enter the Frozen Seal

ii.Ask to buy “a blue larks hat for the king of Nuelm.”

iii.You will be told there are none.

iv.Go to Frost Wurm’s pickle inn and wait for further contact in tavern area

v.A man will eventually ask if you something about blood hawk migration.

vi.Reply using the words Grape, Gorilla, and South, in a sentence.

vii.The man will give you further instruction.

Nothing follows.