In To The Dark


Emerald Isles, Unknown location
From: 25, Movianable 1590 To: 25, Movianable 1590 +1min 18sec
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It’s been a long while since I have done anything on this sight…For that I apologize to all my readers and players.

I plan to be alot more active from here out.

Today I overhalled alot of the tables on the page using html and css I achieved a style while not all togather what I wanted still came out better than what the sight updates had created to begin with. Thanks to all of the people on the forum that gave links, sugestions and coments dealing with this problem (even if it was awnsering some one elses questions.

Among the pages that where updated to day where:

Main Page

Most extensive

Most of the changes are cosmetic dealing with the tables but more is to come