In To The Dark

Divide and Conquer

Session Time Frame
From: 29, Janivier 1589 To: 2, Febstury 1589
Sareth’s Journal Beldin’s Journal Mesinplas’s Journal Graham’s Journal Mai-Khai’s Journal Cherry’s Journal Ill-Dal’s Journal

There was a make up game on sunday. All but 1 player showed up. To to the divided nature of the party there will be a general post and links to subsididary posts. The main post will cover the Spotlight group, while the subsequent links will cover the satalite groups. The decision for Primary and satalite groups are arbitary and are made for story reasons, but I will try and give each group some main time.
More to come

They all sat at the table as Sareth laid out her plan. Some with mixed emotions; others with emotions worn as a shield. She decided to take an advance party back to Nuelm, then proceed to the Emerald Isles to meet back up with the rest of the party. She had done some research, finding that the Embassy had all of their mages recalled due to the war. They were left with the choice of travelling by land or having a mage come to them.

“I will not feel comfortable until he is back in Nuelm under protective custody.” She finished her proposal with just a hint of exasberation, slowly sipping on her drink once done.

“I would much prefer the group to stay together but if this is what you want, we will do it.”

As the consent of most every one was given, they decided to move key people into a private room for discussion. There with Sareth, Beldin, Mesinplas, Mai, Graham, and the package, they hashed out a plan.

They would have two mages from the flock of the Ex-High Praetor come to them. The one that was able to cast the teleport would create a scroll. They decided to send two groups; the first leaving only seconds before the second, masking the second. Among that group would be the lesser of the two mages, Sareth, Graham, Mai, and five of Mai’s men. The second wave would be the package, the head mage, and Sareth’s eight. They designated a cave for their jump point deciding that the swamp, on the plantation, would be an ideal target.

All that was needed now were the mages. Harbael’emarthar Feraualfisyr turned inward for just a second, no more than a nod that most would miss or take for silent consent, and then he waited. The wait was not long the air rippled as if it was a large soap bubble being touched by an unseen hand, then it popped and two people were standing there. Their dress placed them as Nuelm, but the demeanor gave lie to their Imperial heritage. After a quick embrace, one of friends that haven’t seen each other in a long time, they detailed the plan to the new comers. Every thing was set, now they were to wait till morning.

Sareth laid awake in her bed, she had decided to change things a bit. They would leave before Mesinplas’s stated time. She just had to wait ‘til she was sure every one was asleep. It had only been a few hours before she heard the knock, undoubtedly they weren’t sleep yet. She slid the door open revealing Mesinplas, perhaps she had not been the only one to change the plan.

After every one was awake, and in disguise they were sent to the south gate of the city, only to be sent to the docks after arriving. They took a longship out into the icey water. A thick fog masked any veiwer outside of a few feet. For what seemed hours there was no sound except for the caller crying “Oden” repeatedly. There they stopped.

Mesinplas handed a paper to the mage, which inturn spoke to his comrade. All was ready, the two groups gathered together rechecking equipment one last time. The head mage gave a nod to his compatriot, who began reading from the scroll, a second later he too began casting. It was within a few breaths of each other, the first group then the second was gone. Mesinplass gave a signal to the oars men, then dropped his disguise. The boat turned and began the trip back.

It was a good amount of time before he arrived back at the Embassy, and then he went to Beldin to check on Sareth’s situation. He lightly knocked on the door.

“Go away I have a head ache!”

“It’s Mesinplas.”

The door opened revealing a very dour Beldin. Mesinplas entered and sat down.

“Sorry to disturb you, they are away, can you give me any details about the groups?”

“I can’t feel her, she’s gone, I think it went badly.”

“What do you mean?” concern grew on his face.

“I had a Dream, most of that isn’t important, just leave it to say that in this dream I was hit with a mace then woke up to find that she is no longer with me.”

The conversation continued though Mesinplas was already using his talents to find out what was going on. There was a brief moment where Mesinplas jerked as if his body hit a wall. There was nothing to be done right now. The second group had made it, but the first had met with disaster. Seven of the nine had died, Mai had been captured and Sareth’s whereabouts and status were unknown. Most of the dead had went to their various dieties, except Graham who was traveling East, without his body. They had decided to let Beldin and his men stay behind while the rest took legitimate travel to the Isles. Again there were two groups the second left a month after the first. The advance group was composed of Sareth’s men specially chosen to begin setting up information on the Emerald Isles. During the month Mesinplas aided Beldin in setting up the beginning stages of the pirating operations.