In To The Dark

Cue The Bald

Near The border of the Silven Sea
Date: 13, Maloch 1589, Late Night
Sareth’s Journal Beldin’s Journal Mesinplas’s Journal Graham’s Journal Mai-Khai’s Journal Cherry’s Journal Ill-Dal’s Journal

Frost coated his beard, cold stung his lungs as he inhaled. The sounds of the steady rowing created a beat, Stroke two three stroke two three; Accompanied by the rhythm of breath from the grimed faced men and women that were to be his crew, hhssshhhh hheeehhh hhssshhh heeehhh. The music would have been calming, but this was not a night for calm. Instead the sound was that of a dirge that even their victems would never hear.

They drew close to the ship, the massive structure stood 10 feet above the water. He signaled the canoe with a hand gesture, Sgt. Heil took his squad around the other side. The pitter patter of guards could be heard on the deck of the boat, no alarm. Beldin Counted to ten, then motioned to Joey to continue. They all watched as Joey silently climbed the barnical encrusted hull, and began tying off the rope for the others. Beldin had to assume that the same was happening on the other side. Slowly they began to climb, first Thori, then Dic , Thanivust , And finally Beldin. They all huddled behind a large platform used to control the net hoists.

As soon as he saw the other team was there he started a mental check. Sgt Heil, Cpl Garga, Iris, Laucior, Felonia, and Their healer Amarylis; they were all there. He set his attention on the deck of the ship, Two men on watch all others asleep. As soon as one of the guards were close he moved.

The sap came down hard and fast, revirbirating from the impact, again Beldin picked up the music from his surroundings. He looked up to see that the other team had some complication and ended up killing their watch. He gave an admonishing look to the sergeant and then moved on. The night went steady the tempo interrupted briefly as some of the sleeping crew thrashed in panic. Thori was the only one to sustain an injury when a crew member instead of thrashing rose straight up knocking her head on a main beam. By the time the currents had just started taking the canoes away they where done, most of the crew bound in bunches on the main deck.

“Any may join, except for the officers.”

Beldin waited for a good bit of time, pondering the shapes that his vaporous breath made in the still air. There was only one response, the navigator.

“Well then, I’m not a brute so you all will be set adrift. Tell all that you encounter that these waters are now the territory of Scald the Bald, and all should be weary of his crew.”

With a signal they set the crew off, and prepared the ship to get under way. Once docked in the nested ice cave he and Messinplass found they began the work in earnest. Removing “The Recluse” from the sides and renaming the ship The Thirsty Crow; Emptying the hull and inventorying the supplies took several days of work.