In To The Dark

Cold Shoulder

Session Time Frame
From: 7, Janivier 1589 To: 19, Janivier 1589
Sareth’s Journal Beldin’s Journal Mesinplas’s Journal Graham’s Journal Mai-Khai’s Journal Cherry’s Journal Ill-Dal’s Journal

All but two of the players showed friday; one due to illness the other to work. This worked out as the session was filled with travel and some store RP.

They all woke in the long house, the cold finaly starting to lift from their bodies. Suposidly it was morning, hard to tell when there is only four hours of daylight. They began to take stock of their surroundings. The house was long and wide ample room for a small village to all live in here.

Think of a structure that is about a city block long and half as wide.

There where no particians or walls of any sort, no privacy. The Autens seem to take care of everything here, no small feet being outnumbered ten to one. Curently they where serveing breakfast. A gruel of some sort highly nurishable yet low on flavor.

“This is bland… Perhabs we can do somthing for their hospitality.” Rumaging through the bags she pulled out a small portion of the fruit brought in hopes to trade.

Aproaching the large cauldron used as a comunial cooking pot, she noticed the large axe leaning to one side. The axe so large that it could easily lay flat and be used as a lid to the pot. The head cook was no smaller, towering over her and stocky to a point that he resembled a great mountain. The fellows aiding him where only slightly smaller, even the elves of this land tended to be more robust than their cousins. Disconcerting thoughts if they ever had to fight their way out. After offering the fruit she stroled back to their rest area, The men where just waking up.

“There’s alot of people here I wonder what we might find out.”

“Is this the only building?”

“I know I saw a stable, and another area with what I thought where dogs, but it was late and dark.”

“Well lets send some one to scout out the surroundings, I’ll send one and Sareth can send one.”

“And while their doing that we can gather some information.” Graham added his smile to that.

Sareth and Mai-Khai selected their representative scouts and sent them ahead. Graham, meandered around waiting to hear somthing choice.

“This sucks, Imeanwho do theythinktheyare, we waithereallweekandstillnoguide.” The speaker paced anxiously, never stoping. He wore the garb of Z’sith probaly a merchant. his friends were equaly strange one looking for all the world to be mad about life and the other with heavy hooded eyes eating his and his nervious partners gruel.

“Sit Down, your going to cause us to wait longer.” The angry one said.

“greatI’mstuckherewith, Mr.LazzyandMr.Rage-o-maticforZ’sthknowshowlong.” With this the angry companion snapedout and hit the pacer hard.

“What Did You Call Me?”

“Chill out guys its not that bad, they feed us we’re warm and we stand to make but loads of cash… Is this the best gruel you ever had, damn this is good… Besides twitchin out and beating eachother isn’t going to make the Downs any better.” THe relaxed one seem to calm the other two. Graham thought that heir might have been somthing of intrest here but after listining for a bit he realized there was nothing unusual. Looking for another conversation he spotted Sareth talking with some merchants from nuelm.

“Well ya see the way it works is, we that is the non-autens stay here until on of d’er guides comes to takes us to the kingdom proper. When they come and who they get has no ryme nor reason just seems by wim ya’no.

“So we have to wait?”

“Less ye like the idea of freezen ta def. Ya see I be comin here sefen times now I can attest to da fact dat no-un but der guides has a chance.”

“I see, so we do nothing untill then.”

“Mind your Ps and Qs stay out of trouble and don’t go bein a bad guest. da gruel ain’t all dat but it keeps ya healthy and da last person dat complained was fed to da dogs.”

“Thank you.” With that she rose and ploted back to the parties area. They each shared information and spoke a little about what to do to keep the followers from being bored, when they noticed that Greagory too had gone for a walk. Graham and sareth spotted him almost at the same time.

He was sitting in a groupe of people obviously from the Imperium four in total. Sareth was almost to the group when she realized that the leader of the group was a knight, and he was accompanied by a priest. the other two though less important where a warrior and a scout. Quickly she reveresed her direction in mid step and hustled over to the party.

“Priest, Knight, Warrior, and a Scout, it looks like don’t think it be a good idea if any of our arcane vested people talked to them.” All eyes fell on Mai.

“Me, I’m no diplomat, I…O.K.” Defeated she started over to the Imperial group. she was no more than a few feat, when the unsheathing of cold deadly steel resonated through the building, the Knight standing as he drew his weapon.

“What do you want.”

” Well, I wanted to see if Gregory had found a way home or if he was going to need help still.”

A slow look was directed at Gregory, the Knights hand tightning on the handle of his sword.

“They saved my life, found me out there in the snow.”

“He will be returning with us. Now leave, it is only by the grace of our fellow host that I do not run you through right here and now.”

“Try and fail you mean.”

“Soon you will understand that you can not win the war, I have right on my side and the radiance to protect me. Your Gods protection will fall as hollow as the darkness that wrought them.”

Standing no more of the tripe pooring from his lips she purposely turned her back and casualy strolled back to sareth and Graham, only to realize then that all of the Autens had goten ready less tey neeed to interfer.

By this time the “scouts” returned and reported that there where only three buildings and alot of snow. The commotion had also finaly awaken Messenplas and Cherry.

“Well, what do we know?
He said as he took the bowl of gruel offered to him.

“Not much, aparently we are stuck here until one of their guids decides to take us.”

“How long does that take?”

“Who knows, some of these people have been here for months.”

“There seems to be no ryme nor reason to the way these guids choose.”

“I see, so we wait then we’ll need to think of somthing to kep the boardom down.”

That day at lunch they danced and sung, they did the same aty dinner. It was shortly after dinner when a guide walked up to the group.

“Who’s leader?”


“Can I help you?”

“How manny?”


“We Leave in the morning, be ready.”

Commands where issued to the men and supplies where gathered. They did not however see their guide untill the next morning. It was when they went to check on trading the’re horses and wagon for somthing more prepared for the enviroment. Aparently the guide had a lready done this. When asked where they could help, the reply was simple, load their stuff. That day they set out shortly after breakfast getting a small tutorial on riding the sled. The trip was cold and windy, with few words spoken. When they stopped the guide stopped them from setting tents and showed them how to make burrows in the snow. They traveled like this for a while untill there was no longer snow, when the guide showed them how to huddle togather for warmth. For ten tays they traveled until they reached the city.

They had traveled far enough north that day light was but a bitter memory. On the horizon it began to become clear first as a spot with tiny points like stars, then as a looming mass on the night sky with thousands of lights dotting it. It wasn’t untill they had gotten close enough to see the gaurds did it become clear that the entire city was made of ice. Hand carved, and from one glacier the ice of the city was quite diffrent from the surrounding. They where easly addmited and given quarters. The next day they met with the Council and decided that it would be Mesenplas to take the test that was required of them. Sareth, Mai-Khai and their personal squads went out that night to make contact for the other mission. They succesfully retrieved the package and made it back to the Hostle where they where staying.