In To The Dark

A Hot Time at the Island Tonight

Imperium, Unknown location
From: 23, Maloch 1589 To: 02, Maylord 1589
Sareth’s Journal Beldin’s Journal Mesinplas’s Journal Graham’s Journal Mai-Khai’s Journal Cherry’s Journal Ill-Dal’s Journal

Two weeks at sea were more strenuous than they had originally thought. The loss of their comrades weighed heavily on them, depleting the reserves of energy that were needed for a voyage on turbulant seas. Their ship had pulled in early morning, the capital of the Emerald Isle looming up from the island setting.

Sareths 4^th had already been hard at work in the previous month. They had set up contacts, a viable income and base of operations in the form of a manor house. Private Palemaker met them at the docks and showed them the way to the manor. Food had been waiting for them when they arrived, a stack of papers sat neatly at the head of the table meant for Mesinplas. The adventurers sat and ate waiting for Mesinplas to speak.

“Well we need to get some information on this fishing company. Sareth’s people have set us up with information on the major players, locations, and ventures. We’ll have some of her people gather information on this other company and go from there. Every one else get some rest.”

For most of the day they had lounged and caught up on current news. Around lunch some one threatened their day off. A messenger had been sent to speak with The head of the business. The meeting with Mesinplas went rather quickly, not wanting to be disturbed that day, he set a meeting up with the strange merchant Morgan.

The next day started much as the first, various underlings went about setting up the luncheon. Morgan arived on time, with him an impressive set of miniature furniture. Through the negotiation Morgan informed them that in truth he was an agent for the Nuelm Intelligence Network. Mesinplas wasted no time, he garnered key bits of information.

The person that they were looking at was named Akesril, an elf of moderate build and stature. Not only being the head of the offending business, he was also the lover and Advisor of Finance to the queen,which made things a bit complicated. They would have to play this carefully.

The party had decided that their new ally, Morgan, was going to focus his attention on the queen and attempt to push Akesril out. Cherry was going to attempt to catch Akesril’s eye and seduce him into a compromising situation, hoping to earn him the Queen’s scorn. Mesinplas however was stuck playing the envoy. They had few days to set up a party. Everyone went about their assignments, Mesinplas was kept busy with invitations to various meet and greets.

The entire time no one was aware that Graham was desperately trying to gain the attention of someone, anyone. He had reached the isle shortly after the party, only to be frustrated by his ethereal state. As much as he would scream and rant, none could hear. Nor could they see his limbs pass through objects as he swatted in frustration.

Fifteen days passed before they heard word from the Queen. She would love to meet with them but matters of the state required her to be else where until the fifth of Maylord. It went thusly until the night of the party. Guests had been limited to the elite, only about fifty people in total were invited. Instead of extravigance they had decided to go with oppulance for their first venture, the finest of every thing was available; from the ice to the cake. They had commissiond Silver candle holders and placed candles luminated with continual flame for everyone, the Queen’s was etched and leafed with gold. As the guests rolled in, things became interesting.

The doors burst open to reveal spectral steeds trotting into the grand hall, just short of the stairs these steeds stopped and melted into twin spectral heralds. They had announced the President of Queens Venture, Serito Tortuga, upon finishing they vanished in a pyrotechnics display elisiting oohs and ahs from the guests gathered. This was a wizard of some note, worldly, having studied at some of the most famous places for magic around the world.

Sorito made his way casually to Mesinplas, stopping briefly to look quisically at the corner. After the customery greeting, he leaned in close to Mesinplas.

“Do you often invite ghosts to parties or is this a special case.” with his head he nodded in the direction of Graham.

“Animadverto Occultus!”

It was then that Mesinplas saw Graham for the first time. Excitedly Graham began waving like a village idiot.

“Can you hear me?”

Every one turned at the sound, several guests gasped at the sight of a specter with hundreds of arrows protruding from his person. So many, in fact, that none could identify him from sight. Most took the odd spectacle in as apart of the party, some like Judith ran screaming.

Mesinplas convinced Graham to go upstairs and let the party continue. He comforted the few guests shaken by the event, encouraging every one to have fun. The greetings and small talk was endless, though nothing of note came from it. Half way through the door opened yet again, leaving the herald to announce the head of Hunter Fishing, Akesril. A man of moderate height elven, with the most intense violet eyes any one had ever seen, stepped in and headed straight to Mesinplas. A short conversation later a business meeting was set for the next day at lunch.

Shortly after this the Queen herself arrived. Apparently the matter of state ended early permitting her to attend the party. She agreed to set her meeting with Mesinplas the day after tomorrow, in lieu of a prior engagement Mesinplas had made with Akesril. The party continued without much fan fare after this.

After the majority of the people left Mesinplas went to comfort Judith and speak with the ghost of Graham. Graham refused to give voice to why he stayed here on this plane and had yet to move on. Given every thing Mesinplas and Graham thought it best if Graham would use his state to the benefit of this operation.

The next few days went well enough. Graham explored the Docks, Warehouse, and office of Akesril. Nothing of contraband or illegality was found, the only suspicious thing was a hidden trap door leading into a long corridor and eventually to a cluttered room of moderate size. Unfortunately the passages were dark and unforthcoming with any information.

Mesinplas had met with Akesril, and informed him of the inpending danger from the fishing he was doing in Autenburg. He was assured that somthing would be done and was asked to write a statement from an experts point of veiw for his investors. The next day the meeting with the Queen went about the same, additionaly the matter of piracy was adressed. Seems that since Mesinplas and party left, Autenburg had gained some real pirates. Mesinplas promised to look into the pirate situation.

That night they all gathered around the table and discussed what they had found out. Judith proposed that they find another source for the Silverfins.

The world became bright, hot. The shadows of everything burned their retinas as the fireball exploded. What the hell? Did the gaurds not see anything? What happened? They all went into action removing everyone they could find, administering aid where they could.

In all they lost thirteen people, and had to treat sever burns on three-quarters of Cherry’s body.

“So, the gloves are off are they?”