In To The Dark

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Session Time Frame
From: 19, Janivier 1589 To: 28, Janivier 1589
Sareth’s Journal Beldin’s Journal Mesinplas’s Journal Graham’s Journal Mai-Khai’s Journal Cherry’s Journal Ill-Dal’s Journal

All but one of the party showed lastnight, again due to illness.

Everyone gathred at the table for their mid meal, their time between meeting with the elders of Autenburg and now was spent in various ways trying to glean information about this “test” that Mesinplas was to take. They found out very little, most people haven’t even seen or knew of a person that had taken one of these tests. There where rumors galore but no actual information. They sat and ruminated on this.

The new member of their party was a tall elven man of middle age though it would be hard to tell. He sat with a rigid nobility that belied his Imperium upbringing despite the Auten garments that he wore.

“This is Sven Hagar Olison, an interpeter, he will be joining us.”

Few reconized the actual identity of the man, among them Beldin, Mesinplas, and of course Sareth; what every one did recognize was the family resimblance to Sareth. In truth this was none other than Harbael’emarthar Feraualfisyr. This was the person that they were sent to get. The lunch was interrupted only shortly by a runner.

“Message for you sir.”

“Thank you.”

The letter revealed directions to the Nuelm embassy, with the conveyed invite for the entire unit to stay their instead. The trip was not long or the place hard to find. As they entered the fairly sizable long house the warm air greeted them. The inside was seperated into sections, both for offices and living quarters. Immediately Mesinplas requested an audiance with the Ambassadors.

Several minutes later he was setting in a plush office with a well-aged human sitting comfortably behind a large desk. The room though sparsely furnished had a lived in feel that told a story of the man working long hours and his dedication.

“What information do you have on this test?”

“Well not much I’m afraid, we asked for a group of people to specifically take this challenge. We did not think it prudent for some one like me to take a test of gods.”

“Ok, so what do we have on the current dealings of the imperium?” Frustration cracking his normaly even apearance.

“Well there is not much else than what was in your report. Any Imperium Citizens entering or exiting have to sign in to the embassy, we are tracking a few known spies. We count about 300 to 500 Imperium citizens within the city at any time, only about 5% are spies or other agents. Of course there are those not signed in, as detailed in the report.”

“Can you get me these reports so I can go over them, only the ones since the beginning of the war.” Steepling his fingers as he talked.

“Certainly. Can I ask a small favor? With the war and all some of the diplomats are worried about their safety, their was no need before for us to have a personal guard force but now…”

“Have them direct their requests to Captain Khai, we will accomodate you as we are able.”

As people were gathering documents and files Mesinplas returned to the waiting party.

“We need to send some one to find out what’s going on in the Imperium Embassy.”

“Mai would be the best choice.”

“What do I look for?”

“I could go, I havent signed in yet any way.” Gregory said sheepishly.

“Take Sareth with you.”

“I don’t have any Imperium outfits with me.”

“We have some.”

With that Sareth, Cherry, and Judith went to the rooms for a fitting. Mesinplas took a brief moment to fill the others in. Beldin and Graham volunteered to help with the files, while Mai went to see to getting her men ready for the task at hand. A little time later Greagory and Sareth found themselves at the Embassy for the Imperial Diplomats.

“Follow my lead.” Greagory said while taking her arm.

The building was set dramatically different from the Nuelm Embassy. Instead of the open warm feeling there was a detachment that led to make one feel that this was a place of business rather than a hub for diplomats. On one wall there was a posting board and a small table. Center of the room was occupied by a large desk with sqaure file shelving behind it. An officous man manned the station.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes me and my wife just arived we are here to signe in.”

“Reason for visit?”

“I am a merchant.”

“What are you selling?”

“Well you see that’s the part that gets funny; on the way here we ran into some barbarians who took all of our possesions, we were hoping to start rebuilding our lots here.”

“Let me get this straight, you lost all of your goods so have nothing to sell, and you are going to attempt to resupply here in the Frozen Wastes?” The official sounded mockingly, was he buying it?

“It was too far away to travel home, this was the closest place, besides Nuelm.”

“Very well, much luck to you in your endevors, if it dosen’t work out the embassy will try to aid you with a way back to the Fatherland.”

They signed the book then went over to the posting board. Most postings were for odd jobs and notices about the surrounding area. This was in addition to official bulletins, like wanted posters; Namely that of Sareth, Beldin, and the Ex-High Praetor. Only Sareths said Wanted Alive. The reaction was instantanious, it took all Sareth had not to break in to tears.

“We should get back soon.” with that Greagory snatched a bullitin declaring how much fun it would be and escourted Sareth out and away from the embassy.

As soon as they arived back at the Nuelm Embassy Sareth went up too her room, leaving every one but Beldin puzzled.

“Bit of bad news I’m afraid, I wasn’t going to say anything… But there are wanted posters for her, the dwarf, and you my lord.” Greagory said it all at a whisper directing the last part to Sven. “We should leave as soon as we are able.”

“Planned on it, we are stuck until this test though. Should we go see if she’s alright?”

“Perhaps you should, her emotions tend to bleed into me.”

“May we talk Captain?” Sven asked this, using Beldin’s formal military title purposfully, a keen look in his eye.

Beldin and Sven went for a short jaunt to talk, leaving the others to ruminate over the next course of action. They discussed the possibility of disguising Sven as a Nuelm Soldier, a beggar, even went as far as someone suggesting to use arcane magic on him. Sareth’s plight was also discused. After the long dilibration Mesinplas went up to see her.

It was late meal when every one had worked out their issues and sat for a meal. But before they could get served a middle-aged human wearing a raven cloak, wide brimmed hat, and a patch over his left eye sat with them. He invited the party to dine with him, then lead them to a temple dedicated to Oden. The food here was real food, not gruel, the company was lively and entertaining. During their meal their host got serious when he started asking Mesinplas some questions. Several minutes later he bid the group enjoy themselves and left. It was not until the next day that they where informed that negotiations may resume. With one Mission down and still two more needing to be finished their rest was short. A quick trip out to the area of the silverfins allowed them to see the horrors of the Emerald Isles fishing. Not only was this fish a major food and spiritual sorce to the clans within the area, but it was a keystone species for the delicate ecosystem as well. The party discussed sabotage, poisoning, pirating and other ways to deal with the problem only to be left unsettled. Sareth expressed the want to return to Nuelm as quickly as possible what with the price on their heads and all. The final day was spent hashing out various plans and refining ideas to which none where made final before they all layed their weary heads down to sleep.