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This is an ongoing game from my world. The players started in the Kingdom of Nuelm a high magic kingdom. Just started putting this on here so be patient the info is coming.

Life was always interesting, new magic being discovered daily, other magic going awry, even the common man dealt with magic on a day to day basis. That was your life then.

Searching caves with secret hideaways, investigating the disapearance of lost druids, traveling to far off countries that hate magic, intrigue, danger, adventure; this is your life now. Seven Kingdoms, each vying for power. Deamons pretending to be gods. Dark and mysterious forces playing puppeteer with the ruling powers. Yup, Nothing is every boring in Nuelm.

Warning: This Campaign contains content that may not be suitable for some viewers, this includes but not limmited to: Drugs; Sex; And several other things both mentioned and left out of books such as The Book of Vile Darkness®.
Events and Characters presented in this campaign are fictional and do not reflect the feelings or actions of the Story Teller or any player within. All parties responsible with this game take credit on any missinterpitations or confusion from said material.

In To The Dark

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